Company Information


+ What is datakraft I/O ?

datakraft I/O is a brand launched in 2016 and operates a media venture for influencer and programmatic marketing

+ Do you connect influencers with companies for brand campaigns or product placements ?

No. We do not connect between those campaigns

+ Is datakraft I/O a YouTube MCN, Influencer marketplace or Social Analytics platform ?

No. We provide superior influencer ad marketing solutions, data-as-a-service consultancy and a ready-to-use API network to build programmatic based CRO (conversion rate optimization) funnels

+ Does datakraft I/O provide a DMP (Data Management Platform) ?

Yes and No. We work with many DMPs and use the parts of their technology we need

+ Is this service secure ?

Yes. We turn unsorted information into valuable, secure and privacy-friendly data assets and don’t collect or store any Personally identifiable information (PII).

+ Is this service for free ?

datakraft I/O provides paid consultation and offers non-binding, contract-free services

+ Which markets do you work in?